Myself discount | GYOPAO

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Myself discount

If you pour a drink yourself, you will get a 50 yen discount. Let's acquire how to make delicious drinks!

Unique Systems | GYOPAO

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Unique Systems

We have many enjoyable systems!

My glass discount | GYOPAO

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My glass discount

If you order another drink with your same glass, you will get 100 yen discount!

Otetsudai(your assist) discount | GYOPAO

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Otetsudai(your assistance) discount

If you stack your finished plates or collecting your glasses in one place, you will get 50 yen discount.


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GYOPAO Fan club

NOT only you BUT your entire party gets their 1st drinks for free from next visiting, every time you visit us!
If you love GYOPAO, please join a GYOPAO Fan club!