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We recommend you booking in advance as our restaurant can be full oftentimes.

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Restaurant nameGyopao Gyoza roppongi
Food genreJapanese and Taiwanese Fusion cuisine
Phone number+81 50-3503-3119
Address4-9-8 Roppongi, Minato 106-0032, Tokyo Prefecture
ReservationReservation page
Opening hoursMon – Fri
12:00 PM – 11:45 PM (L.O.11:00 PM)
Sat – Sun and National holiday
12:00 PM – 11:45 PM (L.O.11:00 PM)
※Opening hours sometimes may change. Please visit reservation page and check the date you’d like to visit us.

We recommend you booking in advance as our restaurant can be full oftentimes.
We offer a free dessert for your reservation!
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The features of GYOPAO

Our specialty, GYOPAO (pork-gyoza /ravioli, dumplings)

our specialty, GYOPAO (pork-gyoza /ravioli, dumplings)

Our specialty GYOPAO (pork-gyoza /ravioli, dumplings) is not fried gyoza.
Actually, fried gyoza is more common in Japan.
Sometimes our guests ask us why we don’t have fried gyoza.
However, even such guests are satisfied with our GYOPAO,
and say like this, “I liked fried gyoza before, but I like GYOPAO more than it now!”

Please enjoy our special GYOPAO!

The reason why we only have GYOPAO (Only Japanese Language)

No smoking at all tables

No smoking at all tables

“Why No smoking?”

Not only this non-smoking rule, but all staff are non-smokers.
Recently, it’s very common for restaurants to become non-smoking due to the revision of the law, but our restaurant have carried out this policy for many years.

There are two big reasons,
1. to offer guests the best environment to enjoy dinner.
2. to keep our staff healthy.

These are our top priorities.

For those guests who would like to smoke, we will guide you to the nearest smoking area at the Roppongi intersection.

GYOPAO Fan club

Wooden membership cards!

”That’s an awesome fan club system! I wanna join it!”
Our guests (even those who are from foreign countries) say like this.

Our membership card is made of wood.
We keep your card in our restaurant so that you don’t need to carry with.

The awesome benefit is…

From the next time(visit), your 1st drink is free, every time you visit us!
Furthermore…NOT only your drink BUT your entire party gets their 1st drinks for free!

You can become a fan club member for only 500yen(+tax, no annual fee), and you will get this benefits forever, as long as you live!
Would you like to be a GYOPAO member?

※As of January 2020, the number of our fan club members exceeds 8,000!

Master of Japanese premium malts beer

Master of Japanese premium malts beer

Even those who don’t like beer say like this, “I don’t like beer usually, but I like drinking a beer here.”
(Not only guests but our staff say the same thing!)

Our restaurant is certified as “Master of Japanese premium malts beer” by Suntory(Japanese brewing and distilling company).
We have passed the strict judging standards, so you can enjoy very delicious beer!
(We also have our own rule for delicious beer.)

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What is GYOPAO?

Gyopao is a Japanese-Taiwanese fusion restaurant in Roppongi.
Here and only here, you can enjoy our namesake soup gyoza(dumplings/ravioli) served in chicken bone broth, which earned us the #1 spot on TripAdvisor!

Our cozy, quirky space is always filled with happy customers, and is loved not only by locals but also by guests from all over the world.
Come have a taste of GYOPAO, our juicy, mouth-watering signature dish!


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