4980 yen 1h all-you-can-drink plan

【4,980 yen 2h all-you-can-drink plan】

3,980 yen 1.5h all-you-can-drink plan

We offer a free dessert for your reservation!

《Course content example》

※Contents may change
※Vegetarians are not supported

■ Gyopao (soup dumplings/ravioli)
– Our specialty, Japanese & Taiwanese fusion Gyoza!
Super-juicy, pleasantly chewy boiled gyoza served in a chicken bone broth soup.
■ Meat sprouts
– Boiled bean sprouts with flavorful juicy minced pork
■ Spinach namul
– Seasoned boiled spinach
■ Steamed chicken onion sauce
■ Deep-fried gyoza(dumplings/ravioli)
■ Shumai
– A type of boiled gyoza(dumplings/ravioli) which filled with a mixture of pork and vegetables. The shumai skin is very thin. You can enjoy it with soy sauce.
■ Spring roll
– A fried pastry rolled up with a thin dough skin, filled with meat and vegetables.
■ Chicken Chimaki
– A flavorful rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves. Contains glutinous rice, cubed chicken, and shiitake mushroom.

※2 hour time limit (last order: 1.5 hours)
※All-you-can-drink for 2 hour is included with this course.
※Service charge included.
※Credit card required to reserve.

Restaurant nameGyopao Gyoza roppongi
Food genreJapanese and Taiwanese Fusion cuisine
Phone number+81 50-3503-3119
Address4-9-8 Roppongi, Minato 106-0032, Tokyo Prefecture
ReservationReservation page
Opening hoursMon – Fri
12:00 PM – 11:45 PM (L.O.11:00 PM)
Sat – Sun and National holiday
12:00 PM – 11:45 PM (L.O.11:00 PM)
※Opening hours sometimes may change. Please visit reservation page and check the date you’d like to visit us.

We recommend you booking in advance as our restaurant can be full oftentimes.
We offer a free dessert for your reservation!
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