gyoza roppongi

The three gyoza brothers!

When it comes to gyoza in Roppongi, you should try GYOPAO!

“GYOPAO gyoza Roppongi” earned the #1 spot in Tokyo 23 wards restaurants on TripAdvisor!
We have 3 special kinds of gyoza.
If you are a gyoza lover, come have a taste of gyoza, our juicy, mouth-watering signature dish!

“GYOPAO” overturned that common sense of Japanese gyoza culture.

GYOPAO gyoza

Speaking of gyoza, grilled(Pan-fried) gyoza is the mainstream in Japan, but our namesake soup gyoza, “GYOPAO” overturned that common sense of Japanese gyoza culture.

Japanese-Taiwanese fusion gyoza, GYOPAO.
Be careful! The meat soup inside is piping hot!
Once you have a bite, you will become addicted.

Click here for the birth story of GYOPAO
*only Japanese language

Bite-sized Deep-Fried Gyoza

Bite-sized Deep-Fried Gyoza

“Bite-sized Deep-Fried Gyoza” is the best appetizer with alcohol.
The gyoza filling has a garlic flavor, and it goes well with the texture of crispy gyoza skin.

When you come to GYOPAO gyoza Roppongi, you should definitely try it!

Gyoza sausage

Gyoza sausage

It looks like sausage, but it looks like gyoza!
The fillings of sausage is the ones of Japanese gyoza.
It features smoked aroma and a bit spicy taste.

* Gluten-free food.

If you are a gyoza lover, come have a taste of our juicy, mouth-watering signature gyoza!

Restaurant nameGyopao Gyoza roppongi
Food genreJapanese and Taiwanese Fusion cuisine
Phone number+81 50-3503-3119
Address4-9-8 Roppongi, Minato 106-0032, Tokyo Prefecture
ReservationReservation page
Opening hoursMon – Fri
4:30 PM – 11:45 PM (L.O.11:00 PM)
Sat – Sun and National holiday
12:00 PM – 11:45 PM (L.O.11:00 PM)
※Opening hours sometimes may change. Please visit reservation page and check the date you’d like to visit us.

We recommend you booking in advance as our restaurant can be full oftentimes.
We offer a free dessert for your reservation!
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